Why We’re Different

The Alexander Foods Difference

About Us

Every product Alexander Foods imports is personally sourced by our founder, Georgios Kastanias. As a former chef, he set out to discover the highest quality foods to feed his own family, produced by the trusted agricultural families of Greece. Now he wants to bring this level of quality foods to the U.S.

Unlike large corporate distributors, we are not looking for the bare minimums in quality. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and our own with every new product addition. So we go to great lengths to test every product we sell.

We begin by visiting the actual farms and villages that produce our products, meeting the families who have created these products for generations. Then we regularly sample the products to continue to ensure the highest quality.

We believe you will taste the Alexander Difference.

Georgios Kastanias


“As a Chef working in restaurants for so many years, you realize that the easiest way may not always be the best way. I think that customers can really taste the difference between a fresh product versus something already pre-made and put on a plate. There’s no originality in re-plating a factory produced item. Our products help your restaurant’s reputation and improve customer loyalty by serving customers wholesome, healthy and quality foods.”

"No other food service company that we have worked with has products that are consistently top quality, always available, and priced right. We work hard to keep our customers happy - and Alexander Foods is always there to make sure we have the inventory to do so."
"Alexander Foods has some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. They build their business by building relationships, which is the same way we approach our business. Value, quality and integrity. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants consistent service and great prices."
"The service I get from Alexander Foods is outstanding. They service their customers like a mom & pop shop down the street – with the pricing and selection of the big food service companies. Would not think of going anywhere else, for any reason!"
"I have been in the industry for a long time and I can honestly say, when it comes to taking care of their customers, Georgios and his team are second to none! Thank you for making my job easy!"